Burgeoning energies with awakening of body Chakras

Chakra Jewellery is based on the ancient idea of Chakras, which are the energy points of the subtle body and come in seven primary forms- heart Chakra, third eye Chakra, Crown Chakra, sacral Chakra, solar Chakra, plexus Chakra, and Root Chakra. The kaleidoscopic interplay of Garnet, Carnelian, Citrine, Peridot, Iolite, Amethyst, and Apatite not only perform holistic healing of the body but also enhance the fashion statement of the jewellery. Thus it fits perfectly in the preference of people who might not believe in the healing properties of the gemstones and wish to carry it for that graceful touch. The symbols used in Chakra jewellery, like the tree of life and hamsa hand, boost up the sophistication of these striking pieces.

Esoteric literature prescribes seven levels of consciousness in the human body. In the vital body, an individual is conditioned by the universal force-energy that is said to penetrate the body through specific principal centers, which we call “chakras.” Packets of concentrated energy at these Chakras help in mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical rejuvenation. The colours of different stones are symbolic of the light associated with each Chakra and aim at healing.

The rishis and sages of ancient India prescribed stones, metals, and precious jewels containing different vibrations to balance and heal a specific Chakra of the wearer. The beautiful pieces of this jewellery style render benefits such as healthier and balanced life, relaxed mindset, and overall body strength. Absorbing both external and internal negativity, this jewellery stimulates a desire for knowledge. Surprisingly, it also improves decision making, instilling a sense of satisfaction with the outer and inner world.

It is your straw support to cling to during difficult times. It is your personal healer. Our Chakra Jewellery has been specially crafted from natural gemstones to serve the purpose of Chakra Jewellery. Each design has been detailed enough by craftsmen to add a cool fashion statement and trendy look to each piece.

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