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Carrying the essence of indigenous culture

While many people vouch for Tribal jewellery for an offbeat, quirky look, they fail to understand the conceptual significance of the word “tribe” in its nomenclature. Tribe holds a deep meaning for anthropologists or prehistorians. Certain societal groups with a characteristic kin structure or civilisations sitting below the city-state are called tribes, which have a peculiar way of living in every aspect. This reflects on the eclectic and funky look of their jewellery. In earlier times, this style of jewellery gave an idea about the wearer’s status in a tribal group and the socio-cultural traditions practiced there.

Excavations from the historical sites of Indus Valley Civilisation reflect on the active lives of tribes through their jewellery carved out of stones, shells, and other earthly elements. Indian epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana are also replete with comprehensive descriptions of the mystical powers of Tribal Jewellery.

Probably the beauty of Tribal Jewellery lies in the prudent handpicking of materials by its artisans based on the tradition, availability, and symbolism of each constituting element. Every colour incorporated in the jewellery through gemstones is that of nature and complement contrasting colours beautifully-whether it be the royal blues of Turquoise, the glowing reds of Carnelians or Coral, the ivories of Pearls, and the toasty semblance of Amber.

Classical designs have been passed on like a baton from generation to generation, making these pieces carry historic designs with a careful hint of modernism. Tribal jewellery is the most popular trend and can be seen everywhere, ranging from a fashion show to a street market. Its instrumental association with wealth, status, and spiritual beliefs is sought after by people who hold strong beliefs in astrology.

Tribal Jewellery by Alankriti bears designs from all over India. Right from Banjara tribes in Rajasthan to Bhutia tribes of Sikkim; Chamba tribes in Himachal to Konda Kapus in Karnataka; each piece speaks of the vibrant Tribal culture.